Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ovechkin Has A Power Evil Cannot Imagine

So I was watching Pan's Labyrinth last night when it suddenly occurred to me that I was not actually in a movie theater, and the movie itself seemed kinda like a hockey game, and Pan was wearing a Capitols jersey. "Huh?" I thought to myself, "This must be some kinda promotional thing that they are doing on the east coast or something."

Turns out that I was just watching the Washington/Ottawa game. But I must say that regardless of how awesome Alexander Ovechkin is on the ice, he looks kinda creepy.

Come out, come out, wherever I am (Part 1)

Boy, this blogging stuff sure is hard. Not the writing part, heck I write about 20 pages a day in my Dream Journal alone, so that isn't a problem. No, it's the dealing with people who are always trying to mess you up. The haters. (I spell it with an 's' - haters - not a 'z' - haterz. I don't want people to think I'm dumb and stuff. OK?) So here's what's been going on...

A while ago I mentioned on here about the Anze graffiti that was popping up all over the place for a while. I just mentioned it, that's all. Then someone who reads my blog e-mailed me and said that they knew who was doing it, and I wrote back and said "Cool, can they send me a copy of the graphic so I can print them up on Cafe Press and make an Anze t-shirt and some caps for my friends?" So I guess he showed that to his graffiti friend, and then his graffiti friend - we'll call him Mr. Tagger Guy - emails me himself:
Subject: Yo yo yo from the LBC

Yo Tickles, gladz yo likes da art and all, buts you can't be printin deez. aight? youse can post this pic up on yo site, but don you guyz be thining yo be makin moneyz off o me cause i get me LAWYAS up in yo bizz aight?

xxxx xxxxxx (<- I'm not gonna print his name)
Now I didn't really understand his email very much because it was hard too read (did you notice all the z's at the end of his words? Now do you see what I mean?) But anyway, he sent a cool picture of the graffiti and I put it on my blog, LIKE HE SAID I COULD DO. Then next thing you know, ESPN the Magazine has a story about the graffiti and they use the picture that Mr. Tagger Guy sent me. The very next day I get an e-mail from a jerk lawyer asking me to contact him. I call and he says that Mr. Tagger Guy is suing me for $150,000...

to be continued

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Anze Desktop Wallpaper

So this guy who has helped me with some of my graphic stuff has made a pretty cool Anze Kopitar Wallpaper for my computer. It has a calendar on it and everything. He said I could post it and share it here, but not to tell his name to keep his "subterfuge", whatever that is. I think it's a car, like a Hummer, but I don't know why he would lose his car just because he helps me with graphics. Anyway, here's the ANZE WALLPAPER.

~ Tickles

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Buchwald Report

So I had a chance to speak with my good friend Ken Hitchcock the other day. I'm glad to see him working again, but I must admit that I was hoping that he wouldn't get a new job until after the
holidays. You see, Ken, new Blues coach Andy Murray and Ray Ferraro have a Motorhead tribute band called "Ice of Spades" that I was really hoping to see do a New Year's Eve show. They pretty much only play during the off-season, but for a while Ken and Andy weren't doing anything, and Ray would drop his Oilers color commentator gig in a heartbeat just to put on the wig and get behind the drum kit. But then Andy got hired by the Blues, and Kenny got picked up by the Blue Jackets, and I was back to sitting at home watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve all by myself. But if you ever get the chance, be sure to check out Ice Of Spades. They totally rock. For my money, Kenny does the best Lemmy around. He even wears prosthetic moles and everything.

But while Hitch and I were talking the subject turned to hockey, as it always does. He mentioned that he didn't know anything about any trade rumors, but he did have some inside scoop on some rule changes that were going to be implemented in an effort to increase scoring...

• He said that bigger nets have been ruled out, but they are going to make the pucks smaller. Also, the pucks will be colored white and covered in slippery silicone.

• Like basketball, the NHL will be using the three-point shot. Goals scored from outside the blueline will be worth 3 points. Goals scored from between the blueline and the faceoff dots will be worth 2 points.

• The schedule will be adjusted so that all teams get to play the LA Kings more often. This idea is only in it's early stages and some thing that it will result in too much scoring.

He said that there were also rumors about replacing hockey sticks with a cross-bow like device that Easton has developed, but that may be two or three seasons away.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Motor City Pad Man

It certainly is amazing what a good goalie can do for a team. As a Kings fan, of course I can't really attest to this. I just get to see what it's like for other teams that have good goalies. Yeah, apparently Roger Vachon was pretty impressive, but that was like 100 years ago when they didn't even play night games because electricity hadn't been invented yet. But ever since then, Kings goalies always seem to be still playing in the dark anyway. Before Cloutier there was Chokemanic, before hime there was Potvin, before him Storr, and before him somebody else whose name I don't know but probably sucked anyway. How nice would it be to have a guy like Hasek, who, even though he's in his late 60's, can still play a heck of a game in net. It must be nice. You know, even an average goalie would be nice. Not special like Hasek, but not Special Olympics like Cloutier. The Kings have made me start longing for average. Ain't that nice.

Oh well, I hope everyone's New Year was... average.

~ Tickles