Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Aaron Miller's Hairiest Fan Anxiously Waits

Randy Poontash of Altadena is nervous about the upcoming NHL trade deadline. Before every Kings home game Randy's wife Barbara shaves the number 3 in his back-hair before they go to Staples Center. Then Randy takes his seat in section 303, row 3, seat 3. "It's all about Aaron Miller for me. And if he gets traded like some say he will, then I guess I'll stop shaving my back." says the semi-retired body cavity search technician. "I guess I could shave it into an 8, but that's Mike Weaver's number, and shaving Mike Weaver's number into your back-hair is kinda dumb. Aaron Miller's number? Well that makes perfect sense. But Mike Weavers, not so much."

Randy's wife Barbara was too embarrassed to comment.