Monday, February 19, 2007

Michael Cammalleri has an enormous head.

Every time I mention the fact that Cammi has a very large head that is similar in shape and size to a Virginia ham, I get tons of e-mails from from people explaining that I should like Michael Cammalleri. Well, I never said I didn't like Michael Cammalleri. Actually, I have grown quite fond of him in a Vince Vaughn kinda way. But he does, in fact, have an enormous head. And when sitting on top of his freakishly small body, well, it looks even bigger. I'm not saying he's like the kid in Mask, but he's one bad haircut away from doing a pretty good imitation.

But the other night on the post-game show, Cammi was on and anyone who thinks I'm crazy just need to look at this video. It's creepy. In a Vince Vaughn kinda way.