Sunday, February 04, 2007

Burke Du Soleil

So here's what I know about the year 1967: There were no cell phones. No internet (well, there may have been an internet, but since there were no computers, the internet was pretty lame I would guess). There was no cable television (I called my Grammy and she said that there were only three channels on the TV. OMG!). No iPods. No microwave ovens. No Sobe Ice Tea. No Red Bull. No Guitar Hero II (or Guitar Hero I probably either). No American Idol. No laptops. No blogs.... How anyone could wake up in 1967 an not just slit their wrists from sheer boredom is beyond me. I mean, how do you get any work done without an iPod?

But do you know what was around in 1967? Beehive hair-dos and Sean Burke. That's right, the Kings newest goalie was around when the last of the dinosaurs still walked the earth. And after watching him shut-out the Panthers, I'd say that the old guy still has some Metamucil in the tank. 40 shots. The guy stopped 40 shots! That's one shot for every year he's been alive. Yeah, that's a lot. Cloutier was stopping maybe 40 shots a week. Oh well, since Cloutier ended up getting surgery, we won't have to worry about that for the rest of the season. Not unless the Kings end up getting deep into the playoffs. But the odds of that have to be something like 4 to 1.

~ Tickles