Monday, January 01, 2007

Motor City Pad Man

It certainly is amazing what a good goalie can do for a team. As a Kings fan, of course I can't really attest to this. I just get to see what it's like for other teams that have good goalies. Yeah, apparently Roger Vachon was pretty impressive, but that was like 100 years ago when they didn't even play night games because electricity hadn't been invented yet. But ever since then, Kings goalies always seem to be still playing in the dark anyway. Before Cloutier there was Chokemanic, before hime there was Potvin, before him Storr, and before him somebody else whose name I don't know but probably sucked anyway. How nice would it be to have a guy like Hasek, who, even though he's in his late 60's, can still play a heck of a game in net. It must be nice. You know, even an average goalie would be nice. Not special like Hasek, but not Special Olympics like Cloutier. The Kings have made me start longing for average. Ain't that nice.

Oh well, I hope everyone's New Year was... average.

~ Tickles