Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well, American Idol is starting again soon

After scoring a goal from another zip-code, the Flames hug and laugh and give Dan Cloutier a sarcastic thumbs-up, which he didn't see due to the fact that they were half a mile away.

Los Angeles vs Calgary

So the Kings finally have done the impossible; they have my dad talking about not renewing our season tickets. The post '93 Melrose years, the Robinson years, the Andy Murray-is-out-of-ideas years, and now this. My dad says that the Kings do more rebuilding than an epileptic at a Jenga tournament, and that this doesn't even seem like rebuilding. It just seems like sucking. Tell me why Cloutier was in net against the Flames. Go ahead, somebody tell me. On second thought, don't bother, because I don't care. And apparently not a lot of other people care either. It's getting hard to even give Kings tickets away. Sure, the ticket is free, but parking is $10, and a hamburger and a Coke is like $9, and my uncle won't shut-up about the $10 beers and says that 1 free ticket costs him $100 since he can't stand watching the Kings play with less than 9 beers in him.

And has anyone else noticed that all the ticket scalpers now are hispanic? (or Mexican-American, or whatever I'm supposed to say...). They have always been black guys (or African-Americans), but now it's all just Spanish speaking guys. Did the company that does all the scalping get bought by a Latino company? Or is scalping Kings tickets now one of those jobs that suck so bad that no Americans want to do it and they have to hire immigrants to do it? If they build a wall at the border, will people still be able to buy Kings tickets at half-off face value?

Kopitar + Cloutier = 5-3 Loss. The pure suck of Cloutier yet again overpowers the pure greatness of Kopitar.