Monday, February 25, 2008

Cammy and a Pic of a Stickman With an Arrow Pointing to its Head

OMG!! So I was at Tip-A-King last night and I'm having Michael Cammalleri sign my PCC yearbook (Go Lancers! woot!), and Cammy looks at me and says "Hey, you're that girl, ah... Chicklets. Yea, you're that Chicklets girl!" And I was like "Uh, nooo... but could you please sign my PCC yearbook 'cuz I like paid you a dollar and stuff." Then he starts signing my yearbook ('2 Big 2 Be Forgotten' - with a pic of a stick man with an arrow pointing to its head) and he says, "No I know you. You're that Chicklets girls who gives me a hard time or her blog."

Uh oh...

I know this is going to sound weird and stuff, but I kinda forgot all about my Kings Hockey blog. A new season of American Idol had started and I was like all over Sanjaya Malakar, and when the people started saying he was not good and stuff well I just had to jump to his defense because he was and is good and stuff. That's when I met Tricia, my new BFF! (Yo T-Girl!!) who's dad is like some lighting director of something on American Idol, and me and T were going to every episode of the show with our blingin Sanjaya posters and we were even on TV a couple of times with our cooolio signs. So eventually when Sanjaya was voted off, April 18, 2007, I was so depressed. And all I got in my email was a bunch of hater mail from those jerks on Yahoo Groups who hated Sanjaya (or was jealous more probably). So chilled at T's house everyday because she has the awesome pool.

So anyway, I forgot all about my Kings blog until Cammy drew that picture in my yearbook and started calling me "Chicklets". And even though American Idol is back on, I promise I won't forget about it again, since there is no one as talented as Sanjaya or Constantine Maroulis, and Paula isn't acting all drunk and stuff this season either.

So where do I start?