Friday, November 10, 2006

Frolov Attempts Rap-Around; Fails.

Los Angeles vs San Jose

So I'm watching this game and just into the first period, I realize that I have to come up with a "Kings Lose" headline for my blog. So the usual suspects are tossed around; "Shark Attack", "Do You Know The Way To Beat San Jose", something using the word "Chum". But by the end of the game, what stuck in my head was "Frolov Attempts Rap-Around; Fails." because that seems like it represents this Kings team. Same ol' same ol'. I'd bet you could put the audio of any game this season over the video of any other game, it it would be surprisingly close. And Frolov? Get a new move, Fro. I soo can't believe I liked you so much last season. I mean, you are kinda cuter now that you did something with your hair, but if I'm your girlfriend, and all you got is one move, then I'm gonna start seeing if anyone else on the team is single. Avery already has Elisha, Conroy is too old, and Dustin Brown, well, I'm not ready for a Dustin Brown just yet. But I could see hooking up with Cammalleri. Even though he has one of those muscled up, Jon Favreau, Virginia ham heads, I could see it happening, cause he's still cute, and he's got some moves. More than one at least.

Period 1:
What the hell...
  • End of Period 1: Kings 1, Sharks 4
Period 2:
Garon is Cloutier. Cloutier is Garon. Soft goaltending protected by soft defense. Is there any way to dock these guys' pay? I'm talking to Heather while I'm watching this and she says she's watching the Ducks game and about how great it is, and I'm like "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up." Seriously, I can still sneeze on you Ice Dog jersey before I give it back to you, so just shut up. I'm pretty sure I'm still contagious.
  • End of Period 2: Kings 2, Sharks 6
Period 3:
So I'm reading the comments that everybody left on my blog so I don't have to watch Frolov attempt yet another rap-around, and it looks like people actually do read my blog. Then I checked my e-mail, and WOW! Was I surprised. Thank you all who wrote and thanks for all the great ideas and offers. I have some very influential readers I guess, so I'm going to do some other stuff beside just Kings game rap ups. I'll keep you posted. Heather wants to do a "Hockey Hunk" thing, but I don't think that will be a good idea, at least not too much. Especially since she goes like all loopy just about every time a player takes off his helmet. Sorry Heather, I'll call you before you read this so you won't be surprised.
  • Final Score: Kings 3, Sharks 7