Saturday, October 28, 2006

No Limit Texas Choke'em

Los Angeles Kings vs Dallas Stars

Well all I can say is "Thank You Andy Murray for playing Garon!". Even though he is beginning to pick up some of Cloutier's bad work habits, at least he gave the Kings a chance to win before they eventually choked at the end. And apparently Rob Blake's first paycheck cleared, so he honored us with a goal and a pretty good effort. Rob gets a gold star tonight.
Heather came over and watched the game with me tonight, and she just wouldn't shut up about Mike Modano. I know you are reading this Heather, but all I can say is that you will NEVER be Mrs. Heather Modano, and it's a good thing because I couldn't be friends with you if every time I went to your house I had to see Mr. Giant White Walnut Teeth kissing you and stuff. Ugghh!

Period 1:

Stars score a goal late in the period and it looks like more of the same. They showed Mike Modano on the screen and Heather practically started rubbing herself. (Well, you did...) She's like, "But doesn't he look like Tom Cruise?", and I'm like "Uh, yeah... and Tom Cruise is like older than my dad and he's a Orthodox Mormon and they don't even drink sodas and eat chocolate. Do you want your kids to never have a soda or a Twix?". Someone needs a boyfriend BAD.
  • End of Period 1: Kings 0, Stars 1
Period 2:
Yay!! Kings score, and it's Rob Blake, who I also think is older than my dad like Tom Cruise. Then there were a couple of good fights, the best one was when Tom Kostopopolous totally nailed a Stars guy. I'm talking like WFC, who am I and what am I doing here, knock-out. I'm saving that one on my Tivo. The other fight was Jeff Cowen who looks EXACTLY like my Uncle Pat, though I think Uncle Pat may actually be a better fighter. On then the Stars scored with like 5 seconds left, totally sucking out the 2nd intermission.
  • End of Period 2: Kings 1, Stars 2
Period 3:
So they show Dan Cloutier on the bench and Bob and Jim are talking about how stupid, useless and crappy he is when Heather says, and I quote, "Hey, who is that? HE'S CUTE." OMG! OMG! OMG! This can not be happening. OK, OK, OK... Modano looks like Tom Cruise and he's so hot and his teeth aren't really that big. Just don't get a crush on Cloutier, Heather. I am SO serious.

With about 5 minutes left Tom Kostopopolous scored a goal to go along with his smack down, but the Stars scored with like 5 seconds left in the game to win it. CHOKE! I'll bet Cloutier is happy right about now, because Garon NEVER did stuff like that before Cluotier came around.
  • Final Score: Kings 2, Stars 3