Saturday, October 28, 2006

Columbus Day Massacre

Los Angeles Kings vs Columbus Blue Jackets

Period 1:
Well, the Kings were in Columbus last night and it was no Columbus Day holiday for the Kings. First, they started Dan Cloutier in goal (yuck!), so it probably isn't so bad that I didn't actually see the game. I went to the movies instead and saw The Grudge 2. All I could think about was that the blue grudge kid reminds me of Dan Cloutier, so yeah, the movie was pretty scary.
  • End of period 1: Kings 0, Columbus 1
Period 2:
Have you ever gotten a popcorn kernel stuck between your teeth? Ugghh! It really sucks, especially since my braces are all loose and my dad would just go like totally postal if he knew I was eating popcorn. Then I told my friend Heather that since that piece of corn was stopped from going down my throat, that my two front teeth now have a better save percentage than Dan Cloutier. We laughed, and everyone in the theater was all like "Shhh!", like they were missing something. Also, just so you know, there are like -ZERO- cute guys in this movie.
  • End of period 2: Kings 0, Columbus 1
Period 3:
OK, so after the movie we went to this Halloween party in the canyon, and there was like noooo cell reception. So I was like "Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?..." all during the hay ride and Heather was laughing so hard she like almost peed herself. So I'm not sure what the final score was, but I'm sure Dan Cloutier let in like a bunch of dumb goals.
  • End of period 3: Kings ?, Columbus ?

Well, that was my first blog. I can't wait to do more for you guys. If you have any questions about hockey, Dan Cloutier or Constantine Maroulis ( you may know me from my other blog, feel free to ask. I'm always happy to teach people new things.