Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tickle Talk

This is where I just talk about hockey stuff that I'm thinking about. I'm trying to think of a better name for it.
  • So I got a call from my Uncle Pat today and he tells me that I am on the front page of, which is very cool but then my dad read it, and then he read my blog, then got like sooo angry that I ate popcorn at The Grudge 2. (Sorry Dad) He also reminded me that I was like so crushing on Frolov last season and that Heather should be able to crush on whoever she wants without me busting on her. Then I reminded him that she is starting to get all Zellweger about Cloutier, then he said it's OK for me to knock some sense into the girl if I have to. (HAHAHA!).
  • My brother wants the Penguins tickets, but they are scheduled for me, so I'm not sure if I'm going to see the Penguins or the Rangers instead. Jagr's on the Rangers and there isn't anybody on the Penguins worth seeing, so I'll probably go to the Rangers game and let Ronnie have the Penguins. (BTW Heather, Ronnie played with his new team today and he didn't completely suck.)
  • Jeremy "JR" Roenick. My uncs loved him last year, but hate him this year. I never liked him. When I met him last years he was kinda creepy, had some funky teeth, and he smelled like cheese. I don't know what it's called, but there was this big cheese dish at this wedding we went to a while ago, and one of the cheeses had a funky smell. And Jeremy Roenick kinda smelled like that, even though he had a bunch of cologne on. Anyway, everyone talks about how he sucks now, but to me he always just smelled like cheese, and that's not good.