Monday, October 30, 2006

New York Skate of Mind

Los Angeles Kings vs New York Rangers

First off, I have to say that Jaromir Jagr - who spent the off-season recovering from shoulder surgery, yet is still the current NHL scoring leader - looked really good tonight. From what I saw during warm-ups, the ratty mullet is permanently gone. (Thank God!) But it seems as if he actually went too a stylist, cuz he's no longer sporting that SuperCuts half-off special that he was wearing last year. Now he's got a sorta Owen Wilson'ish shag, with a little coloring to boot. REALLY cute. I never was much of a Jagr fan, but I may have to start following him now. Like I said, he looked really good tonight.

Period 1:
Note to Kings management: DON'T DROP THE SOPEL! This guy totally rocks! Get him a stylist (see if you can get the number to Jagr's before he leaves), cuz that stringy caveman doo is a don't, but keep his butt here in LA. 2 goals from Sopel made the night a good one. But not as good as the fact that Garon was in net, AND NOT CLOUTIER. What did say earlier, hmm, I don't remember... what was it I was saying?.... Oh yeah, CLOUTIER SUCKS! Oh, yeah... and if I ever get the chance to sing the anthem at a Kings game, I think I'm just going to rap it (" Democracy brings all the boys to the yard, and my land is better than yours..."), because if you can't sing it well, you look like a total dumb-ass.
  • End of Period 1: Kings 2, Rangers 0
Period 2:
Fro-love got one right as the period started. Shanahan got one a little bit later for the Rangers but who cares. Big deal. The Rangers fans in my section went crazy like it was a big deal. I guess they thought Cloutier was in net, but he wasn't, so there. I just HATE Rangers fans. They are stupider than dirt. And Avery got a goal! Whoo Hoo! What would Avery do when his team needs an insurance goal? Well he'd get one. Puppy Power!
  • End of Period 2: Kings 3, Rangers 1
Period 3:
Trevor was our usher again in our section, and I think he's going to be our usher all season. He. Is. Cute. Period. I was going to try to talk to him tonight, but the Kings didn't suck, and it's hard be a scopin' when the Kings are actually winning. But when I came back with my pretzel, he smiled at me and told me that he didn't need to see my ticket when I came back to my seat. That means he noticed me and probably remembered me from the Ducks game, the game where I first noticed him. We'll see.
Jagr like totally hit Sean Avery in the back of the head and almost killed him, and they give a penalty to Avery. What the...? You know, the refs need to stop hatin' so much on Avery. He's so misunderstood that it really makes me mad sometimes. And Blake said something to somebody and they kicked him out of the game. I'll probably try to talk to Trevor next week at the Sharks game.
  • Final Score: Kings 3, Rangers 1

I'm really tired because of the time change, so good night.