Monday, October 30, 2006

Know your opponent: NY Rangers

The Kings play the 5-5-0 Rangers tonight at Staples, and if Cloutier is in goal, they will be the 6-5-0 Rangers tomorrow morning. The Rangers are sometimes called the Blueshirts because they wear blue shirts. But then again, so do the Kings, and I've never heard anyone call them the Blueshirts now that I think of it. Sometimes nicknames are just stupid. Anyway, tonight is my first chance to see if Jaromir Jagr grew his hair back long, or if he is keeping it cut short. I usually like it when the guys have longer hair, but Jagr is the exception I think. He always had it cut in that stupid mullet that made it look like he was wearing a ratty old Santa Clause beard on the wrong side of his head. Cloutier used to play on the Rangers, too. So maybe he still has some friends on the team who will feel sorry for him and take it easy on him. I doubt it, though. Because when you keep sucking so much and losing games for your team, you don't have any friends after a while.