Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Clear Skies. High: 90°, Low: 62°

Los Angeles vs Colorado

Clear Skies. High: 90°, Low: 62°. That's the current weather for Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix is the closest thing to Hell that exists on earth - in more ways than I care to get into. And as you can see, Phoenix didn't freeze over, and neither did Hell. Yet Dan Cloutier still won a game for the Kings. That's right folks, I will type that again slowly so you can soak it in. C l o u t i e r w o n a g a m e f o r t h e K i n g s . The Kings finally figured out how to make Cloutier an effective goalie - spot him 6 goals. It was a fun game to watch, even though I am like sooo flippin' sick that it's not funny. I won't even bore you with stories about how many snot rags are on my bed right now, and even if I did, they would not be funny cuz' I am soo out of it. So here it goes.

Period 1: Craig Conroy got his first of the season as the Kings came out strong and looked ready to...

ah screw it. I am too sick to do this tonight. Just read about here if you really care.
  • Final Score: King 6, Avalanche 5
Sorry. :(