Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Runnin' with the Devils

OK. Now I get it. The whole "Anze Kopitar" is the greatest thing since sliced bread thing? Yeah, I get it now, OK? I'm still not sure I understand all the ANZE graffiti that I'm starting to see everywhere, but I'm officially a member of the Anze Kopitar Fan Club. Anze only had 1 assist officially for the Kings last night in their AWESOME win against the New Jersey Devils, but he played like a dude possessed and was all over the ice. And his overtime shootout goal was like legendary. Finally seeing this guy pour it on live was something to see. And the rest of the team looked really good too. Avery was on fire again and about got his head taken off by a hit that was even worse than the attack by Jagr a few weeks ago. But he shook it off and played like an all star. And Frolov? Still no wraparounds since I busted him of it, and he look awesome also. Lubo looked great. Dustin Brown looked great. Cammy, again, looked great. And Cloutier looked great... sitting on the bench, playing with his Gameboy and just staying out of everybody's way. Garon was AWESOME! I can't write much today because my Grammie is in town and she wants to take me out for lunch and go Christmas shopping. I think she's going to get me a new laptop since my iBook screen is all flickery. That would be cool, but just hanging out with Grammie is cool anyways. I Love you, Grams!
  • Final Score: Kings 3, Devils 2 SO/OT