Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Shy As Raw Duck

So I tuned in to the Ducks game tonight to see George Parros play his first game for Anaheim. Former King, all around good guy, and - prior to him sporting that thing on his upper lip - a bit of a cutie. (How many innocent animals had to die for you to have that, George?) You see, Georgie went and growed himself a mustache over the summer, and it's creepy to say the least. Now he looks like one of those guys who drives around in a custom van with bondo on the sides, asking girls if they need a ride anywhere, or asking guys if they want to go "smoke out". He's a nice guy though, so I turned on the Ducks game to see if he would get any ice time. And to see if he might have shaved that stupid thing off yet. Ice time, yes. Shave the lip beaver, no.

Unfortunately for the Ducks, Parros didn't bring his "A" game tonight. And I don't even think his "B" or "C" game made an appearance tonight either, as the Ducks got spanked by the leagues limpest. Flyers 7, Ducks 4. Maybe Parros, a Princeton graduate, is just there to keep Brian Hayward, Ducks play-by-play sphincter and Cornell graduate, company during the long and tedious road trips. Maybe they can play anagram games, or have Sudoku races, or just compare GPA transcripts.

Good luck, Georgie.