Saturday, November 11, 2006

Looking California, but feeling Minnesota

Los Angeles vs Minnesota
So I'm kinda sorry I said that Cammalleri had a "muscled up, Jon Favreau, Virginia-ham head" cause after seeing him tonight, well I'm pretty impressed. Thankfully, he doesn't read this site, otherwise... But I guess Frolov might read my blog, cause he didn't even bother with a wrap-around. Not even once. Maybe he's sick. Hey Fro, the only thing worse than having just one move, is have NO moves. Speaking of having moves, Trevor was not our usher tonight. Kinda bummed me out. I asked the girl who was tonight where he was and she said she thinks he's sick and she's just covering for him, so that made me feel a little better. Then they announced that Garon was in goal for the night, and that made me feel great.

Period 1:

Guess what? The Kings didn't suck. I know, I could believe it either. I even made sure my phone was fully charged since I thought I'd be texting all night, but I didn't IM anyone during the game because the game was that good, that should tell you something. Dustin Brown was hitting the snot out of everyone on the ice. I think he just likes hitting people. Norstrom got a goal early and the guys kept it tight for the entire period. This game was actually watchable.
  • End of Period 1: Kings 1, Wild 0
Period 2: Man, Staples was like seriously empty. I don't know how much we our paying for our family seats, but we should just get nosebleeds and walk down. Nobody would care. Kings gave up a goal towards the end of the period, but they didn't melt down afterwards like they usually do, and only gave up the one.
  • End of Period 2: Kings 1, Wild 1
Period 3: God, I hate stupid people. So I'm in line for a hotdog and a Mountain Dew. That's all I wanted. One hotdog. One Mountain Dew. The line like didn't even move for like 10 minutes, and now I have to pee. I have a really small bladder, and once it's full, I gotta go. So I have to get out of line and go to the bathroom, and now I'm in line for the stall, and the girl in the stall that I'm waiting for is having like some serious intestinal issues. I'm waiting and waiting and waiting, then finally stall next to it opens up. So now I'm sitting next to the girl with the intestinal problems, and she's not having any fun. And frankly, neither am I. I'm just trying to get out of there before I gag to death. Then when I open the stall to leave (finally), I hear her talking to herself about she'll never' ever eat another hotdog, ever. By this time the players were already back on the ice and the concession thing was empty. So I just got a Mountain Dew and went back to my seat. We'll just stop at FatBurger on the way home.
  • End of Period 3: Kings 2, Wild 2
Overtime: Was very exciting. Cammi almost won it with a few seconds left. Went to the shoot-out where the Wild won it. FatBurger was awesome since I was sooo starving, but the milkshake machine was still broken (it's been broken for like 2 months already).
  • Final Score: Kings 2, Wild 3