Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So as you've probably already noticed, I didn't bail on this blog. I had like NO idea how many people were reading it. I guess Constantine Maroulis fans are just more chatty than your average hockey fan. That's OK. And in addition to all the comments I got, I got a lot more emails, and in some of those emails were people offering to help in many different ways. We now have the Roenick Watch, which keeps track of the stellar efforts of our favorite cheesy-smelling, whiney headed former King. Hopefully Roenick Watch's keyboard doesn't run out of "0"s before the end of the season. Also, I have a guy who's helping me out with some graphics so the site at least looks cool, even when I'm tired or sick. Then there is "Reginald Buchwald", our super secret guy-in-the-know, with all his inside sources and ESPN-like knowledge of the game. This guy really knows his stuff.

Thanks again for all the kind words and advice. It certainly helped me get over being sick, especially since Heather is like really mad at me AND WON'T EVEN RETURN MY CALLS, YOU LITTLE B*TCH! Anyhow, if you have any other ideas, fell free to email me at TICKLESMC@GMAIL.COM.

Go Kings Go!