Thursday, November 16, 2006

Flyer, Flyer, Pants on Fire

Los Angeles vs Philadelphia

What do you call the guy who gets an assist on RJ Umberger's game winning goal? Umberger Helper.

I'm not even going to do a period by period breakdown of this stupid game. My brother took the tickets tonight, so I got to watch this embarrassing display from the comfort of my own couch. There was nobody sitting in front of me talking on their cell phone, the was no bratty kid sitting behind me kicking my seat, and there were no Flyers fans rubbing it in my face when the Kings choked on another one like Mama Cass at a bratwurst buffet (I had a Paris Hilton joke there, but my dad said it was too crude... I don't even know who Mama Cass is.) Anyhow, the Kings were up by two goals late in the game, and in a span of three minutes, were then down by a goal. Gagne. Umberger. Umberger... Bing. Bam. Boom... Tic. Tac. Toe... Suck. Suck. Suck...

A good goaltender is supposed to be able to steal some games for you. All Cloutier has stolen this season is my desire to go to Kings games. The only positive is that since I got all in Frolov's face about him and his stupid wrap-arounds, well, he stopped doing them, and is scoring like a madman. Way to go, Fro! Now if you would be so kind as to get Cloutier to read my blog so I can give him this piece of advice: STOP SUCKING! Please, just stop. And that goes for almost everyone on this dumb team. C'mon guys. I'm dying to say nice things about you guys, I really am. You're forcing me to get ugly here.

Final stupid score: Kings 3, Flyers 4